Only seeing embedded low res thumb images

Hi all

I’ve been coming at the bit to get this software.
I finally installed yesterday.

I had researched prior and ensured my Mavic Air 2 and DJI Air 2S cameras were supported, which they are.

Using photolab as a standalone or sending files from LRC, either way PL is only showing me the embedded low resolution thumbnail preview of the raw files. It had told me it recognizes them and that the appropriate profiles have successfully been installed.

What gives?
Further, I’m having difficulty reaching customer support.

I’ve not found this in the forum or elsewhere on the web. I’ve found confirmation that the cameras are supported and read people’s accounts of working with their DJI Air 2s photos in PL.
I’ve confirmed in the supported cameras faq.

This frustrated guy appreciates any support that gets me going here. I’m losing my mind having devoted over 12 hours to making it work to no avail… I wish I knew where the contact info and support was. I found a place to send a message to support, but it wasn’t a chat and I received no response at all.


This post is a duplicate of this one:

and has been answered in that other topic.