One more Prime vs Deep Prime

Canon 6DII, ISO 6400, 15 sec exposure.
I left the settings the same in PL4 that were ported over from PL3.
Also attached is the image with no NR.

These are my results for an image at ISO 3200:

I can see that DeepPrime clearly has less artefacts than prime and compared to the original DeepPrime is worlds apart. The thing I like the most about DeepPrime is that the results look natural and not over smoothed.

The camera I have is around a decade old and the ISO performance in dark conditions at 3200 is less than stellar compared to modern times. Note that this is at 250% crop…so pixel peeping galore.

I also run some tests against some other noise reduction software I have and the results are below:

I tested Affinity, Nik Define, Capture One and Topaz DenoiseAI. My own view is that none of the other software I own does as good a job as DeepPrime. Capture One does not do a bad job overall. Nik define is ok, but not great, although I suspect the engine in this is quite old now. Affinity Photo is pretty much terrible. Topaz Denoise AI is probably the best of the bunch from the other software I have, but it does over smooth and there seems to be a lot of artefacts (not shown in the segments of the image I posted, but in other parts of the image there are artefacts).

It’s a pity really, I bought Topaz DenoiseAI probably about a week before PL4 came out, I would not have bothered buying it if I would have known ;(.

I also own a license to Topaz DeNoise AI. Keep in mind that Topaz can be used to on Tiff and jpg images while DeepPRIME can’t. Therefore, it may still have a place in your toolset.



That’s a very good point that I had not considered Mark. Thanks! Not so disappointed with my earlier decision now :+1:

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This occurred to me earlier and I was reminded of it when reading @mwsilvers’ comment above.

I’ve seen several people compare Topaz DeNoise AI versus PL4 DeepPRIME. It seems depending on the material (and in some cases, perhaps the user) either one could win. But… for less than twice the price of the Topaz product, you get one or two extras thrown in — namely all the rest of PL4!

I have made a new test with a picture shot with Sony A7RIV at 5000 ISO :

It is enlarged to 100% ie it represents an image of 2.6 m at 100 dpi.
I find processing highly pertinent, particularly on skin details.