One button red-blue channel swap

It would be helpful if DxO could provide a one button red-blue channel swap. This would be very helpful for infrared photographers and synergistic with Filmpack renderings. This does not seem to be a major request, but I am not a software developer.

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Maybe you could try to create a well-balanced HSL preset (I don’t know if this would work ok).
Since now we have (v7) HSL in local adjustment too, this second pass of HSL would allow to use HSL corrections if needed on top of the general HSL preset used for your needs.

An interesting question here is : Does local adjustment HSL acts after global HSL ? Or in other words, does HSL color selections in Local adjustment take into account global adjustment HSL, or do those color selections act on colors before global adjustment HSL.

Euh, is global adjustment HSL still existing in 7 ? (hope so).

Before PL7 I used HSL tool, set the white channel then rotate hue 180 degrees. It’s not the same as channel swapping but it was the only thing that could be done
With PL7 you can use a LUT to swap channels, I am using LUTs from Rob Shea, they work well with PL7:


What about trying to do adequate color selections in 2 HSL color channels and invert them (the same way you did) to approach the right result ? And then create a preset with it.
(I don’t do infrared photography, so don’t know if this would work).

I did exactly what you suggested, in addition to rotate white channel I adjusted the hue of a few other channels to get about the same result as channel swap.
Now with PL7 it’s much easier, just load a LUT and HSL tool is free to be used for color adjustments. I think there is no need for a dedicated function

what about trying just to make adequate selection for red, and adequate selection blue with the right range (manually, not with pipette) and try to “invert” them (maybe something like about 120 degrees angle) ?

It doesn’t work because hue changes gradually, there are shades of color that overlaps. Only white channel works quite well because it shifts all colors.
Anyway this is an old issue.

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even if you do something like this ? (I didn’t left any “gradient” in selections (both 2 couple of points in each color selection are aligned).


Missing numeric inputs would help to be really precise if they were existing.

I told you it doesn’t work
Your suggestion:

White hue rotated 180 degrees

LUT r&b swap + green split

Exposure was not adjusted, just loaded the image and applied channel swap

This request has come up before, with comments on how to do what is needed:

Thanks Gianpaolo64! I downloaded the LUT from the link that you provided and it worked brilliantly. It is not exactly the same as a one button channel swap, but selecting a LUT from a drop down menu is the next easiest thing - much easier than messing with the color wheel. This makes my IR workflow easier. Problem solved. Thanks again.

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