On my HP Spectre x360 DXO Photolab 2.4.0 Build 21 exports look different from preview

I recently purchased an HP Spectre x360 13" and installed Dxo Photolab 2.0. When editing my Nikon D850 RAW files I am seeing that the exported images opened in the standard windows photos app look A LOT more saturated than what I see in my DXO Photolab preview. I never had this issue with the original Microsoft Surface Book. I have tried changing ICC profiles in Settings, Preferences and export (Currently they are all set to native and default) as mentioned in another thread, but to no avail. This does seem like a bug to me as I shouldn’t have to change a setting to make a photo editing tool export according to the preview. I have not calibrated my monitor specifically.

Any help or workaround with this would be highly appreciated as this has rendered my copy of DXO Photolab to less value than a paper weight.

Hello @sctm81 and welcome to the forum,

You will have a personal assistance if you create a ticket here support.dxo.com

Svetlana G.

Is your new screen “wide gamut”?

Windows Photo app is not colour managed and will display photos differently as it does not take account of your monitor colour profile.

Download the free Faststone Image Viewer and enable colour management under the Settings" menu (F12) under the "CMS tab.

The issues you describe are usually related to using a wide gamut monitor and non colour managed applications.



Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t see if it’s wide color gamut, but I found a review that said that it displayed in test ‘218% of the sRGB color gamut’. Will try the FastStone Image Viewer to see if that solves it.

OK, that’s wide Gamut. 100% sRGB represents standard Gamut and I would take a small wager that using non colour managed apps is the cause of your problems. :slight_smile:

You will run into the same issues with some web browsers as some still don’t support colour management by default.

Nice computer by the way.


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Thank you so much for the clarification. Yeah, the screen on that machine is wonderful but I didn’t realize that it comes with its own quirks. I also tried out the FastStone Image Viewer and it does show them the way they were edited in DXO Photolab. Great Tip!