On export, apply watermark only if none present

Currently I can add watermarks, or not, in the Customise module and separately I can force a watermark in an export preset.

What I would like is an export option to apply a watermark only if none is already set on the photo. This would allow for automatically applying a watermark to all photos except any I have given special treatment.

Sounds like a new option for the (Image Browser) Filter … @StevenL may be interested in this (?)

John M

Are you suggesting being able to select un-watermarked images to export in one tranche, and watermarked ones in a second tranche?

I was thinking more simply that the export preset options be “None”, “Override”, and a new option “Default” which would apply a nominated watermark preset if no other was already present.

But… I suppose the filter approach is a way of doing it and may have further value beyond my use case.

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Hi @zkarj,
Thanks for your input!
I think that your need could be solved in the export window (w/ a new option…) as you suggest.
This could be an interesting enhancement for the watermark feature btw…



Having an option to filter in/out watermarked images would do the job too, tho - - and would provide a useful general feature as well.