OM Systems OM-1

Until when will this camera be usable in PureRaw

According to @Marie It will be supported at the end of July.

Or not… it should be supported in june… now they said in july, who knows does they change it once more .

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I’ve just been told there is no release date for support for the OM-1 in PureRaw v2…

Hi, Marie just said that it comes few days?

It would seem someone at DXO is being economic with the truth, their support people are adamant there is no scheduled release date for OM-1 support in PR2, it “end of July” is correct then why wouldn’t their support people say this given we’re almost at the end of July?

Just updated DXO PureRaw 2 and now supports OM-1. A quick test and appears to work fine. So far so good.