OM-1 Raw File compatability

With the advent of the new OM-1 camera, I have downloaded some RAW files that are produced by the new camera.I assume they are genuine OM-1 files.

DXO Pure Raw won’t process them.

Assume DXO are working on this, any ideas when that will happen…


The OM-1 looks really promissing and DXo offered a nice “boost” in noise control on the previous EM-1 III.

Unfortunately, still waiting for up-to-date support for cameras since 6 mouths. Some of the cameras supported in PL did not make their way to PR.

Looking for a update :slight_smile:

I too am looking forward to being able to use DxO with the new OM-1 files, I have submitted a request to have this facility but have not received any indication when this might be. The reply did indicate however that the likelihood of this provision was related to the number of requests. My suggestion would be for all OM-1 owners to submit a request.

It’s coming, Jonathan … DxO staff member, @Marie, has advised as much … See here;

John M

Does the new Pure Raw 2 support the OM-1?

I, too, am wondering when Pure Raw 2 will be updated to accommodate the OM-1. Thanks!

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Not yet Mark. I have installed DxO PureRaw 2 Version 2.0.1 and the OM-1 is not supported yet.
Thanks for raising this issue.

Thanks Larry, I was holding back on the update until the OM-1 files are included. Don’t want to buy it twice…:-))

This was a response from @Marie regarding OM-1 support. She indicated it should be before the summer but there is no precise timeline. See attached link.


Thanks Mark.

Hi all,
I have just update to version 2.02, but still cannot open the oM-1 RAW file :face_exhaling:

According to DxO, support for the OM-1 in PureRaw should be available in a few weeks.


Tks Mark for your information.

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support of OM-1 in PureRAW 2 will be available at the end of July.


What? You said it comes in June… now you say it comes in end of July… this isnt fair anymore…

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With regards to PureRAW @Marie indicated it “should” be ready be before summer. There was no specific guaranty of an exact date. Unfortunately, things sometimes get delayed for various reasons.

People get frustrated that DxO often takes much longer then other publishers when creating new optics modules and making them available. For what it’s worth, try to keep in mind that DxO’s optics modules are far superior to any of their competitions profiles. This point is mentioned very often in third party reviews of DxO’s products. One of the downsides of DxO’s superior optics modules is that creating and testing them takes more time and effort than their competitor’s. When they are working on creating a large number of new camera and lens profiles, and have to implement them in two different software titles, and on both the Mac and Windows platform, it can increase the total effort quite a bit.

Most users tend to accept those delays, as frustrating as they may be, because in the end they know they will get superior results from DxO’s optics modules. At one time or another all of us here have had to wait for new camera or lens support, sometimes for quite a long while. All I can suggest is that you try to be patient. The results are usually well worth the wait.


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Anyway they said it comes in june…

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Yes, No one is disputing that the plan was to implement support in June. Sometimes plans change. I had to wait almost 3 months for support of my Nikon Z fc in PhotoLab.


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I’ve had enough then, always these delays. Topaz is offering an introductory discount on Denoise, so I’ll consider switching. Denoise and Sharpen from Topaz are also sufficient. DXO PhotoLab 5 already has the OM SYSTEM Olympus OM-1 integrated, most people can’t understand why it should take until the end of July for PureRaw. Your lens profiles may be great, but that alone is not enough, satisfied customers are also important.

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DxO’s superior profiles take longer because they require more effort than the competition. I understand your concerns and delays are frustrating. I have had to deal with them myself. I assume your goal is the best image quality. Since you have acknowledged that DxO’s lens profiles are great, in my opinion they are worth the wait rather than switching to an alternative which will likely give you less satisfying results. I have a license for Topaz Denoise AI and as good as it is, it is not in the same league as DeepPRIME. I also have a license for ON1 PhotoRAW 2022.5 which I rarely use. Their NoNoise denoising, also available as a standalone product, is no match for DeepPRIME either.