OM-1 Mark II Lightroom files exported to PhotoLab 6 return with wrong Process Version (v. 1) applied

Whenever I do a round-trip export of an OM-1 Mark II Lightroom file to PhotoLab 6 (via Plugin Extras > Transfer to DxO Photolab 6), then back to LR using the PL6 option Export to Lightroom, the file returns to LR with the Process Version changed from the default Version 6 (Current) to Version 1. This does not happen with files from any of my several other cameras (including several Olympus models). I have fiddled around with all sorts of things and can’t seem to prevent that from happening. A web search has turned up no answers.

For what it’s worth, my Export to Lightroom Options are Export as DNG (Denoise & Optical Corrections only), Include All. That doesn’t seem to matter though, because I’ve tried changing those options, but get the same results. Any thoughts about why this is happening, and how to prevent it would be greatly appreciated.

(I realize that I can set up a Develop Preset to change the Process Version back again when the file returns to LR, but it doesn’t seem like I should have to do that.)

You’re right, you shouldn’t have to change the Process Version back in Lightroom, whether manually or with a Develop preset, but that may be the most expedient solution for you. At least it’s relatively quick and easy to do.

You can try filing bug reports with both DxO and Adobe. For whatever reason, Adobe doesn’t like what’s coming back from DxO, and I’m not sure whose fault that is–except I agree that it’s not yours. It’s not rare for photo apps to have problems working perfectly (or at all) with recently released camera bodies. Some issues like this with some camera bodies released years ago never have been addressed or resolved.

Thanks for your feedback, dxodm. I guess I’ll just deal with it until, hopefully, either DxO or Adobe does something to fix the issue.