Olympus SP-500UZ, the secret camera

I tried the trial version and I see that for Olympus SP-500UZ
RAW is not supported
Color rendering is not supported

Meanwhile, if I try to suggest the support of this camera then the web form says me that it is already supported.

The SP-500UZ does very interesting color correction while converting from ORF to JPG so
if you could add support at least for Color rendering
ASAP :slight_smile:

Dear @Aleksey_again,

welcome to the user forum for DXO.
For suggesting a camer/lens you have to go for Suggest Module - DxO
That’s the official channel for such things

have fun


It says

“Good news, camera is already supported (from DxO PhotoLab 1.0.0).”

In fact there is only optics module, no support for RAW, no support for color rendering

So maybe you can try fill the form
Submit a request – Help center (dxo.com)
before paying/ordering the software.

Here in the user forum we can’t help for this

best regards


I see in the list of modules available in PhotoLab this one:

As this seems to be a bridge, it should be good (but I don’t know if it support raw and jpg or jpg only).
I guess that you’ve downloaded it.
If yes, you could try to remove it and download again to see if it’s good.

If you post a raw file I could test on my side.

I downloaded a sample from RAWSAMPLES.CH - Olympus and got an loading error with the orf file

best regards


If I remember correctly, this is an very old cam – and DxO supports JPG only.

Hi Wolfgang,

sounds correct like my quicktest shows.

A few weeks ago some people are happy with the support for the Nikon D100 which is also an old one.
But I don’t believe that DXo will support this old bridge camera.

best regards


Thanks for a link, I submitted