Olympus E-M1 Mk3 now on the market

All being well I hope that the E-M1 mk3 will be supported as soon as possible :slight_smile: but a timeframe would be good to know ???

Indeed. Should be a cut and paste from the E-M1X as I believe the sensor is the same?

I note from another forum that Adobe LR and Camera Raw now support the E-M1 mk3

So I do hope that DxO @Marie will not be too far behind them :smiley:

Hello @BoxBrownie and @hedwri,

We will add support of Olympus E-M1 Mark III around mid-March, so you have only a few weeks to wait :slight_smile:



Hi Marie @Marie

Thanks for the update…hopefully around mid-March will not spin out to end of March :wink:

Hi Marie @Marie

Phew! how time flies…now mid March…have you an update to encourage us all with :smiley: :thinking:

TIA :clap:

Hello @BoxBrownie,

Don’t worry, you really won’t wait long before the release :slight_smile:
We are still on mid-march and not end of march for the planning.