Olympus 12-45 4.0 Pro module at wide settings problem

I have attached an example of the output when using the 12-45 at 12mm using the default setting, and an example with the distortion module turned off. In this cast the output without the distortion module looks better than with it. Is this an error in the 12-45 4.0 module? I don’t remember seeing this sort of “people widening” with any of my other lenses.

Default corrections:

With “distortion” turned off:

It’s an effect from applying a rectilinear correction to a very wide-angle lens. At 12mm (four thirds format), the lens is capturing light from the sides as well as in front of the camera. Projecting this to a rectangular image will cause straight lines to look curved unless distortion correction is applied. (See the door frame near the right edge of your photo.) An effect of the distortion correction is that objects near the edges and corners get stretched. So you have to make some choices:

  • Turn distortion correction off or reduce the amount of it being applied.

  • Enable volume deformation correction in PhotoLab, which applies an adjustable amount of stretching or compression away from the center of the image.

  • Try to angle the lens so that distortion and tilting are minimized. (You have both in your image.)

  • Take your photos in a different way that doesn’t require a large angle of view from one side to the other.

For an in-depth explanation, see here:
Understanding volume deformation - DxO

I hope you find that helpful.


I did find it quite helpful; thank you very much. I never thought I had a reason to buy Viewpoint since I don’t shoot any architecture, and don’t mind buildings that tilt in my tourist shots. I guess I was wrong.