Older versions still there

I’ve just updated from 4 to 5. Why are earlier versions still there?

Do the old plugins actually work?

If they do, you might as well keep the older versions for a while, check both versions and see if you like the new ones.

For a cleanout, use the provided uninstaller and re-install Nik afterwards. If this does not work and you want the old stuff gone, dig through your Library folder and remove the old plugins manually.

you paid for it.


Dear Glyn David,

I never understood that either, because during the installation you also get the message that the previous version is being uninstalled. And the installation routine could also use the uninstaller mentioned by platypus.

Have fun


Safest route would be to uninstall Nik 4 and then rerun the Nik 5 installer (without uninstalling first). In principal your settings from 4 should be carried over already and not uninstalled (as you are not uninstalling 5).

Does sound confusing.