Older versions of PL and CRW files too

Now that PL4 has been installed, is there any reason to still keep PL3 and even PL2 installed. Is there anything the older version could do that PL4 can’t? I know they can live side by side but they do take up space that could be put to better use.

On a related issue, they mention that older files can be reprocessed using PL4 to get even better results. However, I still can’t open my old Canon CRW files, gives me a load error when I point PL4 at the older folders. How do I get them all into PL4 so that it can work its magic on them too?

If you are unable to open your CRW files diretly in PL4, you can try to convert them to DNG. You’ll need Lightroom or the free Adobe DNG converter utility for that. PL4 will read DNG files.


So I downloaded and installed Adobe DNG converter v13.
Ran it on a sample of CRW files made in 2003 using a Canon PowerShot S30
PL4 shows the thumbnail in the Customize Window with an exclamation mark that reveals the message: “This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DXO PhotoLab”
So I’m back where I started, with images that PL4 cannot work with.
I ran the DNG converter with out-of-the-box preferences. Do I need to change something for PL4 to process the dng images?

Let me make sure I understand this. Are you saying that Photolab 3 definitely supported your camera and PhotoLab 4 does not? Or are you saying that Photolab 3 didn’t support your camera either but you were hoping that PhotoLab 4 would? Do you have any software, as an example from Canon, which will allow you to view those images? It’s possible the only solution is to try to convert them to JPEGs. The only thing I can suggest is to open a support ticket and see what DXO says.


Sigh, PL never was able to open them. I was hoping that PL4 would change this since they did tout that older images could be reprocessed using the new features. Unfortunately first converting them to JPG means that DeepPrime is not an option any more.Since the DNG route is also closed I was hoping for another solution.
I like what DXO can do to my images and was hoping to stay in the same app for all of my images, even the older ones.
Is there a way to disable the camera check and just use a generic camera?

Canon raw files have had .cr2 file extensions for years. More recent Canon cameras use a . Cr3 extension. Each new Canon camera has to have an explicite profile added to photolab or any other raw processor, even those with the same file extension. If a specific camera’s files are not supported, then the image can’t be opened. To the best of my knowledge there is no generic camera to cover these situations.


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Converting to DNG is not the issue, I have Adobe DNG Converter v13 and it works. I can open the DNG files it produces in other applications. DXO PL4 cannot open the DNG file for processing because it says that the camera that produced the original image is not supported. I thought the point of a DNG was to get away from the proprietory RAW file and into something that is an open standard. So why can others open the DNG and not PL?

That’s a good point. Raw files converted by the Adobe DNG converter or Lightroom should open in PhotoLab 4. DNG files created in other software are not supported. I would check with DXO on this issue.

"# What DNG files are supported by DxO PhotoLab as input ?

“DxO PhotoLab supports DNG format files as long as they have been generated by Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe DNG Converter, and as long as the original RAW format is also supported in the program. DxO PhotoLab will also accept DNG files created natively by supported cameras.”

Your Powershot S30 is a 3 megapixel camera from 2001. I doubt DXO ever supported the RAW files and there is no reason for them to add it now.

Seems to negate the need to convert to DNG if PL can already process the original file. Other raw converters I’ve tried don’t seem to have this limitation. Too bad since I really like what PL can do.
Look like the end of this thread. Now to find another solution.

I had a Powershot S30 as well and still have some .crw photos from it, which I value. I’m sorry to hear Photolab won’t work with them. As my Swiss army knife RAW developer, I like Iridient Developer. It has no file browser or DAM or triage tool between itself and an image file on your hard drive: you can just open the image up directly. The tools are very close to the bone: curves, exposure, levels. There’s no perspective correction, clone tools or film simulations. But Iridient Developer will open almost anything, including X-Trans, iPhone and Android RAW and demosaic them at a very high quality. Final touchup (perspective, film simulation, HQ NR) can be done in Photolab (or Affinity Photo) where appropriate.

Could have been a plan but it’s a Mac only solution. Now for plan B

Markui - why donÄt you try DPP. It comes for free with Canon and does a good job.

I just read a discussion about the crw format. If I understand it correctly, DPP4 no longer supports the format, perhaps DPP3.

I don’t think DPP was distributed with the S30 on the CD the camera came with at the time.
I have the Digital Camera solution disks, 22.0, 28.2 and 38.1 and only 38.1 has DPP version 3.5 which doesn’t support CRW files. Pretty sad when the owner doesn’t support their own previous files. Unlike a Word document which can be opened and saved in a newer format. How do you upgrade a CRW file to a more modern format?
What’s even sadder is when other applications will open and read CRW files. Come on DXO, I’m sure I’m not the only one with piles of old CRW images.

The problem is not that it is a CRW file. Or that CRW files need a 32bit program. The CRW files from my Digital Rebel (300D) can be processed perfectly in this version of PhotoLab. And in every previous version of DXO back to the original in 2006. (I’ve been a user since 2007.)

The problem is that the S30 is not supported by DXO and likely never has been supported in any previous version. So that is why the CRW files from the S30 cannot be processed in PhotoLab and neither can the DNG files converted from the S30 RAW files be processed.

Yes…unfortunately a dead-end for markui.

Now if it is only because the S30 is not supported that PL doesn’t want to process them, then what if the camera info in the file was removed or changed to something that was supported. That would appear to be a solution.
How would I go about doing that?

You could do that using ExifTool.

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Good idea.While this is not the place to learn all the ins and outs of ExifTool, I found ExifToolGUI and while it shows me the current values, it’s not obvious how to change one of them.
A link to a good tutorial for either one would be appreciated.

Might have been a good idea but after figuring out how to change the model in the image to a Canon 300D, which is supported, it still fails because I don’t have the correct lens. Anyone have any idea what the equivalent lens is that was used by the S30?