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I’ve been housekeeping after restoring my system from a major upsetment. I have installations from PL3, 4, and earlier Nik Collections and Filmpacks. Is there any reason to retain them? My guess is with PL5 and FP6, the older versions are obsolete, and no longer useful. Or…?

Richard, I personally have started to keep a copy of the install file and the license/activation code until I am sure I am not going to have to roll back to the previous version for some reason. I only do it because I would hate to hit a situation where I needed to reinstall for whatever reason and couldn’t. Eventually I get rid of them when I feel comfortable doing so. I was glad I did that with Nik Collection 3 when I upgraded to Nik Collection 4 because I had to run Nik Collection 3 on my laptop. I am sure you’ll get other points of view on this matter.


I used to keep the older software around just in case I wanted to re-edit some old photos without having to deal with changes to Smart Lighting, ClearView, PRIME, etc. that were introduced in newer software. But as time has gone by, I’ve lost interest in the older software. I find that newer features like DeepPRIME and the updated HSL and local adjustment toolsets have become must-haves. Therefore, I plan to use the latest software when the time comes to revisit old folders of photos that I’d previously worked on with older software. However, I will first make backup copies of these older folders before loading them into the newer software.

Since I’ve exported most of my edited work to TIFF and JPEG, I have stable references to compare any new edits with that don’t require using the older software again.

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Also be advised that the DOP files are not backwards compatible. So anything that you’ve worked on in PL5 cannot be re-worked in the earlier versions without starting over.

I’m not surprised that PL5 DOP’s aren’t backwards compatible. Too many things have changed to make that the case. How about PL3 and PL4? Are they forward compatible?

In any case, the only problem with uninstalling 3 and 4 is losing the registration codes, if needed later.

Yes, they are always forward compatible.

So much for that idea. :slight_smile:

Sorry but I misread your question. Yes PL3 and PL4 ARE forward compatible. I have corrected my previous response.

Ah, well then, my day is all sunny and gay!

Seriously, thanks for pointing out that 3 & 4 are forward compatible.

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