Old SilverEfex presets not working. How to convert?

At long last I went ahead and bought the Nik Collection 5. I was on v2 previously (I know, I know…) and have been working on transferring all of my presets today. Unfortunately only two out of of the numerous SilverEfex presets I had could be imported, and after reading some discussions I’m guessing it’s because they are in .NP format instead of .JSON.

I used those presets a great deal and am feeling pretty devastated that they aren’t working in my new version. Is there a way to convert them to .JSON? I would be happy to upload the whole enchilada to Google Drive in case someone is willing to have a look. They were all freebies, so no intellectual property rights would be violated.

To top it off my v2 of SilverEfex no longer works (it freezes when I try to open it and I have to force quit the app), so I can’t even manually try to recreate them by looking at the settings for each preset. Help? Please?

I no longer have Nik 5 installed - but I do recall being able to import .NP presets into SEP … and then exporting to .JSON format … … Have you tried the import option ?

John M