Old copies of the PhotoLab database files d't deleted automatically

When I move to other location/folder (via the PL Preferences) the DxO PhotoLab database, the initial/old SQLite database file - PhotoLab.db ( stored : “%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 2\Database\ ” d’t deleted automatically… I.e. we “trash” the system HDD by large unnecessary SQLite file(s)?

Hello @sergeA,

Well, it happens so because we do not move the DB but copy it in the new place when you set the custom location.

But you are free to create a request to change the behavior (for example a dialog suggestion to select either to remove or keep) and we’ll see how much it will be supported by the users before the decision if to change the behavior or not.

Svetlana G.

Thanks for the reply Svetlana! Agree with you… Usually I change the location of such database files and any cache files to the fastest HDD, i.e. SSD disk(s)…

You are welcome :slight_smile: