Old Color Rendering Bug Still Present

On my iMac, I’m still seeing the incorrect color rendering in the Viveza window. As in the previous version the color is rendered correctly in the Viveza loupe.

On my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016) and my additional screen BenQ SW270 as well, with the latest release of Nik by DxO 2018, colors in Viveza version x64 are well rendered.
This is with autonomous version, I don’t have LR or PS.

I also still see this in Affinity Photo on a Windows 10 system.

Do you use Affinity Photo? This is a well known bug with the Viveza plugin in combination with Affinity Photo.

Yes, I use the plugins in Affinity Photo. This bug does not show up if Viveza is run as a standalone.

Still there. I have latest versions of Nik, Affinity, Mac OSX. Even changing document bit depth just gives a different shift problem.

Hello Gary,
I use AP and Viveza but the bug is gone for me. I am on Mac, Mojave.
It was there in the previous versions of AP but gone with the latest update.