OK. Just checking. Free PL 5 (with purchase of Nik 5) will NOT overwrite PL4--Correct?

As I recall, when installing a new version of PL, the older version(s) remain on the computer and are still usable.

I have PL4 Elite. Did not upgrade due to computer limitations. But, I got free PL5 Essentials with the upgrade to Nik 5. I just want to be absolutely sure that installing the free PL5 will not remove my PL4 Elite.

That’s correct! Your PL4 will be untouched by the installation and use of PL5. PL5 will also try to import your custom settings and presets from PL4.

Whew! Thanks!

Why would computer limits prevent you from installing PL5 Elite but not Esential ?

I didn’t feel the need to upgrade since it would have been mostly for newer Deep Prime versions and my computer can barely run the version in PL4. But PL5 Essential seems to have the control line included in local adjustments and I wanted to see if I will find that useful.

Someday, I will buy a loaded Mac and then go onward from there.

Ok it’s above all a personal choice, I didn’t understand that sorry !

@nikki , watch your installation limits: 3 for Elite editions, 2 for Essential editions!

Hi, I got version 5 free with my Nik collection. Is this a fully working version, or does it die after 30 days? Thanks.

Should be fully working, no time limits expected.

According to this, you can install Essential on two different computers.

One activation is already used because you’ve installed DPL and if you’ve activated it. Your new Mac will take the second activation. If you plan to move the current installation to an even newer computer later on, you’ll have to get in touch with DxO support.

Without activation, DPL will run for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to activate.

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