OK. I'm convinced.

I wrote earlier that I did not see much new for me in PL4 and one of the responses mentioned the new DeepPrime NR processing. While I almost never use flash when taking photos I have mostly been shooting with large aperture lenses lenses outdoors during the day so the highest ISO I have used has probably been 1000, not enough for much noise.

But based on the post I decided to take some photos at ISO 6400 with my Olympus E-M5.3 and see how good the NR functionality is, and those photos convinced me.

Here are some crops:

No NR:

Prime NR:

DeepPrime NR:

That is pretty impressive.


It is. Here is no flash and ISO 12800


We M43 users benefit also on lensprofiles.
my auto iso is max 3200ISO but it could be 6400 again with this deepprime.
i think even a 12800iso on a m43 sensor can be usefull if you need to stretch.
(short shuttertime for no motionblur can be better then massive leaning on Dual IS2 and still have some motion blur because the object is moving and not the shake of your hands… :sweat_smile:)