Odd behavior with Command-Tab

Command-Tab, application switching on a Mac, takes you from one app to the next.

For the new version of PL3 (, if you switch from PL3 to something else and then back, there is a delay of several seconds before it appears on the Mac. In fact, I get about two seconds of a spinning beach ball before PL3 reappears.

No other Mac app I know of does that. The delay is long enough to make one think it is not responding, or that you hit the wrong keystroke.

I really like PL3 but discovering and working with new quirks with every release, even minor releases, is really tiresome. At this point I’m falling back on a copy I managed to stash in TimeMachine, and will leave Build 42 behind.

Hello RexBlock,
I tried to replicate this behavior and can not. I am on a late 2012 imac, Mojave, DPL same build as yours.
I have opened 6 apps and Cmd-Tab works as expected without any delays.

What system are you on?