NVidia studio drivers

For those using NVidia studio drivers there is a new version of GeForce Experience ( that shows supported programs and apps. You are able to optimise these (the default of not being optimized), Photolab and Affinity are listed. I don’t know what optimise does but hopefully its doing something.

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Nice catch, however it only allows you to enable OpenCL directly through GeForce Experience.
This setting is already available in DxO PhotoLab, so if you have already enabled it in DxO, this new NVidia optimize option won’t do anything.

The main advantage of it seems to be that it shows you all the apps that are already optimized to use your GPU as well as other apps that can be optimized. I didn’t know that four of the Nik Collection apps and Affinity Photo had been optimized to use my cards GPU. It is useful information.

As you pointed out it also shows that PhotoLab has been optimized, but I already knew that…