*.np presets from Silver Efex 2 will not import into Silver Efex 3

I am having no luck importing my custom presets from a Google version of Silver Efex into Sliver Efex 3. I can export these presets into a *.np file, the import function in Silver Efex 3 recognizes these *.np files when I go to import them, yet once it finishes importing the presets, they are not there.

Can someone help me with the steps required to import presets from the older Google version of Silver Efex into the latest version.

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please check


The preset files I have saved from my Google version of Silver Efex are .np . It appears as though the latest version of Silver Efex does not recognize these files. I tried to both import the .np files as well as copy them to the Silver Efex folders for custom presets. Neither works.

Is there a method of converting these .np files to the latest format that is recognized by the latest Silver Efex.

There must have been a way when DXO took over from Google and changed the format, must be a way to convert.

Any help appreciated.