Now Pure Raw owners get something PL owners don't have ?!

So Fuji RAF is now supported in PRIME XD according to the Pure Raw 3 release info. Yet this is still not supported in Photo Lab ! Is this the first time we have a disadvantage owning what I thought was the premium product (Photo Lab) ?!

Did you see the PhotoLab 6.4 update?


It’s supported. They just released DXO PhotoLab 6.4.

It is well supported for PL since today and the v6.4 version

Nope, am I thinking this brings the equivalent support to PL then? Thank goodness :slight_smile:

Ah, where are the details about the PL 6.4 update please ?


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Bookmark this for the latest release notes and user guides.

And maybe wait an hour or two between product announcements so as not to panic.