Novice iMatch question in regard to PL6 seeing the updated IPTC data?

Hi all

I hope some light can be thrown on this question?

I am trialling iMatch and the first thing I have applied is the Copyright Metadata Template. I have found out how update a test folder of image files OK.

My issue is when I open the same folder in PL6 and refresh the folder the new IPTC data is not being shown.

I surmise that I may be missing something obvious but cannot work out what???

TIA for any insights as to what I should be doing :slight_smile:

Providing that you have configured IMatch to update the images automatically successfully or forced the images to be updated, then the issue could be with the detection of the changes by PL6, i.e.


will cause PL6 to automatically detect any changes to the image metadata as per the following

PS:- This flag controls whether IMatch writes metadata updates back to the image automatically

and IMatch undertakes such operations as a background task so there can be a delay!

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Many thanks Bryan

Your post was most welcome as reminder of what I had missed before.


Made PL6 recognise the iMatch added/updated IPTC metadata :slight_smile:

FWIW I have now bought iMatch…so the learning and usage curve continues :smiley:

@BoxBrownie and I just purchased the upgrade for IMatch!