Nouvelle version

Wow!!! Love the new correction markers :blush:

What are the correction markers that you refer to?

I like the new filename. :blush:
Thank you Svetlana!


My version is 3.1.0 Build 4301 ?? (a difference between PC and Mac ?)

What correction markers ?

If you refer to the name of the download file - YES it’s a good idea to name this file more precisely

The markers that appear when you are drawing with the repair/clone tool

Ah so…

Can’t see any changes of clone/repair on my Windows system. Are the new correction marker for Mac only?

Can we have a screen shot ?

It’s been there since 3.0.0, no ?

I have just started to play with the new clone/repair tool and have to report, on Mac, that it appears to be slightly broken :crazy_face:

Using the Cmd or Shift keys to change the size or feathering does not always update “live”. Sometimes it is necessary to release the modifier key and scroll the image to get it to update.

Also, from time to time, the tool can completely disappear if you move the mouse to the little adjustment palette and back to the image. This is intermittent and sometimes needs several attempts to make it fail.

Exactlly … Same problem for me … I have open a bug report for DXO …

Same malfunctioning behavior here (on Mac, too). Not corrected in…


Video drivers and OS are up-to-date?

In any case, it worked fine with PL 3.0…

Brand new MacBook Pro 16" with latest version of Catalina