Notify User When a Preset Cannot Be Saved

Just had a strange case today. DPL versions 5 and 6 did not save new presets.

I then found, that the preset folders were owned by the system rather than the user. I have no idea, how this happens, and that is not the point here.


  • Please notify the user with a pop-up message, when a preset (or any other thing that can normally be saved) cannot be saved, whatever the reason.
  • Bonus: Add detail about the reason why the item could not be saved.

Wow. PhotoLab silently failed to save new presets? I’d consider that a bug. Exception handling is essential for data save operations - to not have that is just terrible.

As for the folder ownership problem, I suggest rebooting the computer to see if the OS corrects it. That has worked for such problems on Windows (caused by flaws in the update installation process). Might also work for MacOS.

Agreed, specially when the new preset is visible in the app but not in its designated location. Exporting the preset to the Desktop saved me from having to recreate the preset again.

Nevertheless, my point is that there should be a message in such a case. System ownership can be set easily with macOS, but the only way I might have set it without thinking is by doing it as root user…and I very rarely activate root, but hey, casualties of a cleanup operation can happen.