Not working on my Mac M1 (OS Monterey)

Dear Community,

I have never been able to have both versions of the sharpener work for me and I hoped is would change with version 6 of the Collection.

For whatever type of file I get a image full of random pixels whatever the type of file I use. Here is a screenshot.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Hervé

Hello. This looks like the problem that occurs on M1 (or M2) Macs that can be resolved by setting the applications to “Open using Rosetta” – see Define not showing photos correctly where I explain how to change it.

I installed Nik 6 a couple of weeks ago, and the two Sharpener apps still need to be set to “Open using Rosetta” on my Mac mini M1. However, DxO says these apps are being rewritten (see for release later this summer. So after that, Rosetta emulation will likely no longer be required.

According to Apple’s system information app, Nik Collection 6 should run without Rosetta2.

All apps run standalone on my M1 MacBook Air 2020…without Rosetta 2… on macOS Ventura.

nik 6 work no problem with m2 silicon no rosetta, i think you need nik 5 to work with m1 but with rosetta.

Yes, mine shows as a universal application also (on my Mac mini M1). And it does run, either by opening from Lightroom or standalone. However, if I don’t set it to “Open using Rosetta”:

  • I can open a JPG and it works okay.
  • If I open a TIF image, the screen is pixelated as HerveB shows above, or like this:

If set it back to “Open using Rosetta” – then TIF files process correctly.

I suppose it might behave differently on different M1 or M2 Macs, but I was pointing out that I can reproduce the problem with TIF files (with version 6 Nik) and there was a circumvention that works fine.

Same here, It’s now working, THANKS!!

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