Not being able to edit DNG files from DJI Air 3

This is a problem that DXO are currently working on, but are there any DJI Air 3 photographers out there who have the same problem or not? The problem is I cannot edit DNG files taken with this drone, JPEG files are fine and willl edit no problem.
Is there anyone out there who use this software and fly this newish drone?

I don’t think they support that camera yet. You can request support by going to their web pages and fill in the request.

I have DJI Mini 4 Pro and have requested they support this camera. I will likely have a few months wait as they need to get the drone from DJI in order to test and get calibration data from the cameras to create modules for them.

There is a workaround if you know of a very similar camera that is supported. Message me if you need more info.

Thanks for your response. The DXO PL does support jpegs from my drones camera but not dngs. That is you can edit the jpegs the same as any other recognized camera with DXO. I have sent a number of messages with screenshots etc to DXO who now tell me they are intensely investigating or something to that effect. That’s why I put it out there if there are any other Mavic Air 3 users to comment on editing dngs with DXO. I had no problems editing with the Air 2S which was my last drone; I now regret selling that one. Of course the Air 3 does not have the variable aperture hence my wanting the dngs to be editable. Cheers.

DJI Air 3 is supported, however, there has been a firmware update recently, images taken with that latest firmware currently can’t be processed. as Basso53 already said, our team is currently workig on it.
DJI Mini 4 Pro is planned for this mointh and announced [here]

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You say the mini 4 update is planned for this month and no word on the Air 3? I’m using the Air 3 at least weekly as I’m still getting used to it, and as Im retired in Northern Thailand I have the time and a huge source of photographic material.
There is no date or approximation when the Air 3 Dngs will be editable with DXO. I decided to end my frustration by buying Luminar Neo which can edit dngs from the Air 3 beautifully.

I reported the issue of PureRaw3 not processing DJI Air 3 DNG files back on November 15 2023 and supplied sample DNG files. I’ve just been informed that DJI firmware updates have broken the compatibility with DxO software. My Air 3 DNG’s upto 23/9/2023 processed ok but none after I updated my firmware on 25/9/2023. Assuming DxO were aware of this issue in late September, they have not resolved this issue in nearly 3 months!

Issue still not resolved.

And come on, this is not DJI’s fault. Any other editing app has no trouble opening DNG files from Air 3, whatever the firmware. Lightroom, Affinity Photo, Capture One, Topaz… have strictly no issue and did not have to fix anything.

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I’m now using Luminar Neo, not waiting for DXO to sort this problem out.