Not able to open Nik Collection

I wanted to try out a combination of color and black and withe in the same photo. As far as I can see, this is not possible in Photolab, which I have on my computer. So, I downloaded a trial
version of Nic Collection, a google search told med Color Efex Pro should be able to do this.

But, I must have done something wrong. In Photolab I have both View Point and Film Pack, no trouble With installation. But when I try to install Nik my computer tells me it will be Connected with an old Version of Premiere Elements I still have not removed.

To me, it feels like if I go to a Volkswagen dealer to by some add-ons to my car they telle med I need a Ford to be able to use the Volkswagen Equipment.
I do hope I messed this up myself - if I need Adobe to use a DXO Product something is very wrong.

First, welcome to this forum.

There is currently no dedicated interface between DXO Photolab and the Nik Collection. DXO is currently working on a direct export of images in PhotoLab to the Nik collection.

In the meantime, this can be accomplished by using the Export to Application feature. You need to drill down to the specific executable. (.exe file) and select it. Since Export to Application has a history list with 5 entries, you can use 5 of the NIK programs this way, without having to drill down to the specific application you want each time.

It’s not a terribly elegant solution and requires a level of knowledge about a computer’s filing system that many people don’t possess. However, until DXO releases a version of Photolab that has a more straightforward way of exporting to them, it’s the only way to access NIK applications from within Photolab. I know they are currently working on this, but I’m not sure exactly when they will implement it. Hopefully it will be in the June release.

The ability to run it from within Photoshop Elements is correct. There are people that use the Nik collection that don’t use PhotoLab. You can also run most of the Nik programs in stand alone mode, but once again you need to double click on the actual exe executable file.


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Nik modules can also be started when you drag an image file’s icon over the desired NIK app icon…

Thank you for the instructions.

You may also want to try SilverEfex Pro for your b&w and then lower the opacity to let the color show thru where you want it with Control Points