Not able to fill black triangle after image leveling or VP adjustment

if I level an image or change the geometry with ViewPoint, there are black triangles or black zones outside of the pictures that appears, before cropping (attended behavior).
However, if I crop the image keeping a part of these black zone within my image, I cannot fill these black areas using repair tool, on PL5. I am pretty sure I was able to do it with PL4.

Is this a known issue ?


Does the repair area stop at the edge of the image and not in the black zone ?
I have the same behavior with PL4 aned PL5.

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It is not an issue at all and has not changed from PL4. You can do one of two things to eliminate those black triangles…

First, you can crop the image to completely remove the black triangles as a result of horizon or perspective changes. That can be done manually or automatically.

You can also export the image after you have created those triangles with the horizon or perspective tools, and then use the repair/clone tool to fill in the black triangles on the exported version. The reason that you cannot do it against the file directly after creating them is because those black triangles are not actually part of the image. Once you export an image, however, they are burned in and become part of it and therefore you can overlay them using the repair tool. This has not changed in the current version of PhotoLab. I hope this helps.


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If I understand correctly;
you used Horizon tool on the image. Black areas (triangles) appeared around the image. Then you cropped the image but left some black areas like on the image below.

I would really like to know how do you fill those areas.
I still have PL4 on my PC but I couldn’t find how to fill those areas.

If I understood correctly, you export the file and work on this new file

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Nope; no go.
Just tried Repair and Clone tool in PL4 but it does not go outside the borders of the photo.
You can’t repair those black triangles in PL4 with Repair tool.

You have to export the image with the black triangles. Then they become part of the image and the repair tool will work on the exported version. This was discussed multiple times in the last year or so.


looks like I missed those discussions.

Not a problem. As indicated earlier, The black triangles created by the horizon tool or the perspective tool are not actually part of the image until you export it. That is why the repair tool does not allow you to fill in those areas prior to export. Once exported, those black triangles have now been burned into the image and the repair/clone tool will fill them in .



That is correct.


Excellent tip, Mark. I had never thought of that :slight_smile:

I suggest voting for this:

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Yes. That feature request was created around 10 months ago. It proves the point that this is not new to PL5. It certainly is not a bug, and I’m not sure I would even call it an issue, more a limitation. I don’t know how other raw software programs handle this.


Mark, in Affinity Photo when you crop and have corners such as those that were described at the start, you just save after the crop and then you can fill in the empty/blank areas using the Inpainting Brush or use the Clone Tool to copy over the empty/blank area from a nearby good area of the photo. It comes in handy to keep you from losing areas after straightening a horizon. Would be good if PhotoLab could do the same but I don’t know the technical constraints are involved.

By saving the image in Affinity you are effectively doing the same thing as an export in PhotoLab. There is no save feature in PhjotoLab and you can’t save edits to a raw file anyway. All PhotoLab edits are overlays which are only burned into the image itself on export. In Affinity you are making those changes to a non raw version of the image and are burning those changes into it when you save it. Essentially it is the same thing that PhotoLab does during export… .


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Thanks for all the answer.

I was convinced I was able to do it before, but apparently I was mistaken. And as I removed it after the upgrade I did not retest it on PL4 to double check…

I added a vote to the suggested feature request, which is exactly what I am looking for.

Here’s something to try.
Duplicate the file and import them into ICE. Stitch the files, select Auto crop and fill.
It doesn’t always work, particularly if the filled area is detailed. But, it’s worth a try.

I could be a total bore and suggest things like…

  1. level the camera before taking the shot
  2. if that is not possible, leave enough room around the subject for later correction.

It doesn’t always work like that :sweat_smile:

Meh ! Excuses, excuses :rofl: