Non-destructive editing with sidecar file

I use the Nik plugins with Lightroom. I’d like to be able to re-open an image that was created using a Nik plugin at a later date and be able to adjust the settings without having to start over. Lightroom allows me to do this because it writes changes made in Lightroom to a .xmp sidecar file. I’d like to see DxO/Nik work the same way.

I’d like unlimited capability to undo changes on a per-session basis.

But sidecar files? Only if it can be turned off, and if the xmp storage location can be customized. I abandoned Corel Aftershot because there was no way to keep it from saving unwanted xmp files in my photo archive folders. Couldn’t get it to stop, and couldn’t pick a different location.

Ideally, we wouldn’t need sidecar files to be able to readjust images later. But I don’t see how that could be done. I agree that this feature should be optional.

Hey fellas - See here: Request: Ability to save image-specific Filter & Control Point settings

… so that any votes are not diluted.

John M