Noise Technologies preview issue with 4.01 update

Wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this issue.

When opening up the Noise Technologies preview, in PL4.0 you could still click and hold on the image sample area to see the effects of noise reduction and no noise reduction (as in all previous versions of PL) with the various options. After the v4.01 update, all I can do is compare the different noise reduction methods and can’t see the improvement without the slider back to zero.

This is kind of key when trying to tweek noise reduction and detail retention.

Win10/release 2004

Hello @woodmeister,

I’m not sure I get what you are talking about (the only comparison available is via Compare button or Ctrl+D). If it’s not what you are talking about, please create a short video/gif to display the problem.

Thank you
Svetlana G.