Noise bug in PL5

Normally I have always used PL on windows, but now I installed it on a Mac and unfortunately I directly stumbled upon a bug:

When I change the luminosity noise slider in DeepPrime, it is supposed to only affect the little preview window. However, on the Mac version, it affects the whole image. If I reduce the slider to 0 (40 is default), then my whole image becomes extremely noisy and I can hardly work on it. In the little preview window, I can see that the noise is also less reduced, but there I can still see a very clean picture because of Deep Prime. On the windows version, adjusting the settings of deep prime does not affect the image until I export.

While DeepPRIME is only applied within the preview window, the main view is updated using the High Quality denoising algorithm, honouring the slider value.

just checked … and it’s the same in windows

You are both correct, it behaves the same on windows.

I must never have noticed that as I hardly shoot high iso images where in most cases I don’t see much difference between the algorithms. Now on this particular image with a person‘s face and iso 10000, deep prime would have been a good use case, but with the default settings it created some artifacts (like it created a scar on the face that is not there). Reducing the luminance NR to 0 still resulted in a clean image with deep prime with the artifact much less pronounced in the loupe view. However, with the setting to zero, the image in the big viewer became so extremely noisy that you could hardly work on it, I had never noticed that discrepancy that strongly before.

So it’s not a bug, but maybe as I suggestion, I guess it is not that easy to do, it would be nice if the settings between algorithms would be a bit better aligned. 0 in deep prime is often sufficient and does not really correspond to a true ‚0‘ setting, as obviously it reduces the noise quite significantly.


I think it may have been new to PL6, but there is a “Noise model” slider which can often address the artefacts you mention.

I found DeepPRIME XD in PL6 would often “invent” texture where there was none, but moving the noise model slider into the negative (I usually use increments of -15) is mostly effective at stopping these.