No thumbnails in Photolab 4 on Ventura Beta

Hello, just installed PhotoLab 4 on my MacBook Pro with Latest Ventura Beta. No pictures are displayed (while they worked fine on the latest official Mac OS release). Error message is (approximate translation since my setup is in French): image cannot be processed due to unknown error. Picture could be corrupted or in an unsupported format. I have some standard JPEG. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times already. Thanks

Ventura is not supported by Photolab 4.

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While older versions of MacOS may not be supported by newer versions of PhotoLab, as far as I know, newer versions of MacOS should continue to be supported by older versions of PhotoLab.

I would be surprised if there is not backwards compatibility. If that were true, no one would be able to use an older version of PhotoLab or OpticsPro on the latest MacOS.


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Is there a possibility that the beta of macOS still contains bugs…after all it is only a beta?

Good point but I have had apps that did quit working when the OS was upgraded. Optics Pro 9 I could never get to work on Win10, though others could.

Question here is, what is supported by what? The OS by an old app like PL4 or PL4 by the latest OS?

And yes, there was a huge gap in supported apps when Catalina came out in 2019 - and the devs not supporting 64 bit (as Catalina was 64 bit only) were left outside. Also the change from Power PC to Intel and now to M1 divided the straw from the wheat. Some apps could be emulated by Rosetta for a while and if the devs didn’t want to port their older apps, that was then the end of the line.

No app developer I know of provides support for their apps on beta OS releases. Dxo will certainly update the compatibility page as they seem necessary.

Check back here after Ventura’s release:

Caveat: the page is fairly conservative and a red X does not necessarily mean that the app won’t run, but DxO will certainly give you bright smile when you ask them for support, e.g. for OpticsPro version 9 on macOS Monterey :grin:


So after Ventura is released now, is this still an issue? I run PL4 and have no upgrade plans.

I can’t help with the main topic but as an aside, do you realise that by skipping PL5 and now skipping PL6 that means when PL7 is released DxO will not consider you to be a ‘current customer’ and so the only discount you will be eligible for is what ever is on offer to new customers?