No "Search" for presets in Color Efex Pro 5, Nik 6?

Maybe it was always like this. But I just found it now, after upgrading to Nik 6. Is it right, no search for presets in Color Efex?

No – not that I know of (CEP5).


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Thanks Wolfgang. Why DXO considers it unnecessary here probably remains their secret :wink:

click on “preset” then you’ll see the search window


Ok and thx mikerofoto. No I see my question should have been, “Is there no search for filter?”.
This is the difference to for example Silver Efex. There you have only presets. So there is no search for the filters in Color Efex.

can always ask DxO to standardize search function in Nik. not sure why that’d be different from one plugin to another.