No response from DxO support - how do I contact them?

I raised a support request a week ago about a problem with Nik Collection. There has been no response from DxO. The responses to previous support requests have been prompt, asking for more information or letting me know the problem has been referred elsewhere in DxO. Is there another way to contact DxO?

The only way I know of contacting DxO is via this page:

I suppose you could try sending a private message from this forum to @DxO_Support-Team but I’ve no idea if they’d respond or not.

They may well be rather tied up with V7 problems!

Hello Kerloch
We apologize if it takes longer for a member of the support team to get in touch with you.
The number of requests sent to support varies greatly over the course of a week and also over the course of a year. If it additionally happens that a team member is sick, there 'll unfortunately be a queue (also depending on the language).
Private messages from the forum to the support team are not an alternative in this case, as this would disadvantage users who have opened a ticket and are also waiting for a response.