No place to report bugs, crashes?

I’ve yet to find any place on the DxO web site for posting problems with the latest (purchased) version of the Nik Collection.

In the meantime, here’s my problem: I often use Color Efex and/or SilverEfex as smart filters with an image in Photoshop CC 2018 (5k Retina iMac running MacOS 10.12.6, with 64 GB RAM). It’s hard for me to pin down exactly why/when this causes PhotoShop to freeze, but it happens often. One time that it always happens is after I select a preset and then move the cursor to the right-hand adjustment panel to change a slider.

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Hi Dave,

simply, when you create your item, add “Bug” in “Additional tag” field.

The “Submit A Ticket” option on the support portal looks pretty good to me.

Except the pull-down menu when selecting Software only lists DxO PhotoLab …

Hello @orcasmac,

  • Actually you can post bugs/problems directly in the section of the plugin which causes the problem.

I moved your post to the proper section and it’ll be analyzed soon.

Svetlana G.

Click the “+” next to PhotoLab

Thanks to everyone for the tips.

As for that pull-down menu, there is no + next to PhotoLab whether I use Safari or Chrome on my Mac. Finally got the + by clicking “back” in the pull-down men optionand now I got the full listing!