No Nik Collection effect on a virtual copy with Mac

Hi! I just upgraded my apps, Photolab to version 4 and Nik Collection to version 3. I decided to take advantage of the PL4’s virtual copy feature and projects, and I experimented with a virtual copy of an original tiff file in a project on my iMac 2019 (10.14.6). As I expected, when I made adjustments on the copy in PL4, all of them were immediately visible, for example curves. However, when I used Nik Collection’s filters, everything went as previously - but after all no effect was visible on the screen. Oddly, when I exported the photo (with no visible filter effect), the photo was filtered and saved beside the original version. To repeat, the filter effect was not visible in the project, and it was not saved in the project, but at the original site of the master copy. This is very strange. Can anyone tell me how I can get the filter effect visible in the virtual copy in the project? Regards, Tvirqu

Hi! I answer myself to the question I presented above :grin: . The problem concerns specifically the way how PL handles photos in a project when they are filtered by NC. An additional problem arouse, as I wanted to have the photos in the project in a certain order, just to see that the series works. Because PL does not offer free sorting, I named the photos beginning with 001, 002, etc. Then, I run a NC filter on a virtual copy. As I tell above, it was surprising that I could not see any effect in the virtual copy. Anyway, I saved it - and began searching it :grin: in the folder where all the photos are. I did find it but not there where I expected: I thought it would be beside the original photo and its virtual copy (which were ordered with all the other photos by the name to see the photos of the series in the desired order). No, I found the NC-filtered image in a position where the original photo without the preceding number (001, 002, …) would have been. Very strange. In all, I have to say that working with PL4 is not fluent. Moreover, when I moved this saved NC-filtered photo to the project I was working on, it wasn’t in the position among the photos I would have liked it to be … What kind of a workflow would you suggest to make life easier? Regards, Tuomas