No need for Filmpack with Nik Collection?

I was interested in buying Filmpack 5, but found that the Nik Collection fulfilled my needs for film effects.


Assuming you are using PhotoLab as well, Filmpack 5 works directly on your raw images and contains a number of tools integrated into PhotoLab that are not in the Nik Collection. I have both and use both extensively, although because it’s directly integrated into PhotoLab, I use FilmPack more.


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Welcome Dixon

“Filmpack 5 works directly on your raw images and is full integrated into PhotoLab” would have said Mark :wink:

I supplement this information, FilmPack is stable and mature.
You pay now for a product without upcoming upgrade.


The big difference is that FilmPack is non-destructive, but Nik create a new large TIFF file. So if you care about disk space, it pays to try FilmPack first, then move to Nik if needed. I own Nik, but rarely find a use for it.

I did purchase Filmpack 5 Elite. I’m glad I did, it has a lot of functionality that I have used now regularly.

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I’ve used DxO for RAW files since Optics Pro 4. As I noted below, I bought Filmpack 5 Elite, and find it very useful.

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