No manual re-ordering of albums in PL7?

Trying to use albums to create a narrative flow of images in PL7, but I can not manually reorder the images. I can drag images but not to reorder within the album. I can drag the images, but not drop them to reorder.

Is this really a limitation of the software (seriously?!) or is this just a bug in 7.0.2? If it is not a bug, then albums are essentially pointless for any use that I have for them.

unfortunately yes :frowning:
( I used this function to sort pics within albums in LR5 )

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It seems absurd to go all the trouble of implementing projects and them omit the single most useful function over a disk-based folder, namely the ability to re-order images for processing without needing to manually rename the files. It is not even a feature that should have been difficult to implement.

This is why I am not using the projects at all, it is useless for me without the option to sort the files manually.

I don‘t understand this either, why this has not been implemented already long time ago. In PL7 there is not even a single improvement regarding the DAM features, where I thought they would improve it step by step, even if slowly.

Strategically, I think being able to use the projects properly would even keep users bounded to Photolab, it is one feature that makes it harder to switch Software, when you already have organized your pictures in Photolab.