No longer working in dxo 6

I updated Nik 5 after being promoted to do so, and now in dxo lab 6 the ‘export to Nik collection’ is greyed out, does anyone know a fix or has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance for any help

Hello Dee and welcome,

I had this happen. After installation, did the installer ask you to reboot and afterwards installed it again? I had to completely remove NIK5 using Revo Uninstaller and reinstall it to get it to work.

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Yep that fixed it! thanks heaps!

You’re welcome.

I have the same problem. Just updated DxO and Nik, and now keep getting told in DxO that Nik is not installed, yet it tells me it is in downloads.

Solved - uninstalled Nik in Control Centre, and reinstalled.