No Huawei Support

Can someone please clarify for me if DXO Photolab supports Huawei Devices
I use the Mate 20 Pro for DNG Raw Capture and believe this is not supported in their software…
Now don’t get me wrong I use my DSLR for most of my pro work but Huawei sold over 240 million phones in 2019 alone, most supporting DNG capture.
I have been trialling Capture One as and alternative but am staggered this is a thing? simply from a marketing standpoint to compete with rival software by refusing to support DNG?
Heavily swayed towards Capture One at the moment.

Thanks folks

Hello @Chris20,

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Unfortunately we don’t support Android smartphone cameras. We are working on a way to support almost any dng images but it’s not ready yet.

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Hi, come please get Huawei supported its almost 2023…

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