No faces detected in DxO Smart Lighting?

I’m learning my way around Photolab 3 by watching tutorials. I have a photo of my wife staring at the camera (face is very apparent) and am trying to use Spot Weighted Smart Lighting. I get the warning, “No faces detected”. Do I need to turn that feature on somewhere?

I’m on a Win 10 laptop.


  • No, you don’t, it’s already enabled if you see that message. Sometimes it happens that the application cannot recognize the face. Could you, please, provide us with that image for the investigation? Please, upload it on under your forum name (in support ticket number field) and let us know when ready.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Svetlana already mentioned that sometimes DPL does not recognize the face. In a situation like this you can just draw a rectangle manually around the face or any other area you want to use. you can also draw several rectangles in one photo.


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OK, I just uploaded the photo. Thanks for the help.

Right, I did that and it’s not a big deal that face isn’t recognised. It’s just that the face was so obvious. I’ll upload it for review.

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Hi Tom,

As Sigi says; you can manually draw a rectangle over any area in your image - and, that’s actually the real power of this tool (not so much for faces; that’s just one use).

Try drawing your rectangle over an area of different contrast to the rest of the image (say a bright and/or a dark area of the image) - and you will see PL react to adjust overall contrast of the image, with the highlighted area providing “influence” in this re-balancing process.

John M

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You’re not the only one that’s noticed this. While drawing the rectangle is no big deal, the “face detection” aspect is pretty inept compared to the sophistication in the rest of PL3.

I pointed out years ago cameras found faces with no problems but in PL you really have to do it yourself. It normally doesn’t find them however clear they are or jumps to totally useless parts of the imige, an area of grass being my oddist one. But most of the time I don’t use it for faces but to select highlights and dark points.

Right. It’s not a big deal to select the area and maybe even preferable. Perhaps they should just remove the “feature”.