"No DxO module is applied to exported image" - Message attached to image in PhotoLibrary

Why am I getting this message attached to processed images in PhotoLibrary?
“No DxO module is applied to exported image”

Hello Donna - see here: https://forum.dxo.com/t/no-dxo-module-is-applied-on-exported-image/7068/6

I think Donna don’t have access to the Early Access part of the Forum so I copy paste below what I said but it is no really answer on why this message appears.

This message appears because when you export a picture you have some chance to have applied an optical correction and we want to avoid an other optical correction then we disable the optical correction on exported pictures.

So does that mean I should ignore the message?

Once you applied the optical corrections to the raw-file and export it as i.e a tiff, you get that message, informing you that the corrections will not be applied a second time should you start working on this tiff again in DPL - so you can ignore it.

Thank you.