NO customer support

Ticket: 250121
When I submitted my ticket in early January there were several followup emails asking for more info which I immediately suppled. Then I was told the developers were working on it and I would hear back.
Since then, I’ve heard nothing. I have emailed them twice asking for updates-- didn’t even get a reply.
They’ve ignored my ticket for 5 months.
Their customer support IS THE WORST-- if NIK has problems and there is no customer support, photographers should find something else.

Can you briefly tell us the nature of the problem you are having with the Nik collection?


Hi Mark–
Thank you for your question.

Here is the original email to Customer Support followed by my most recent email to Customer Support:

Original Email
“I used to be able to change the size of the control points in Viveza and Silver Efex (the only ones I use) by adjusting the top slider of the editing sliders (brightness, contrast, etc.) that appear within the control point circle on the photo.
I can’t seem to do that any more-- how can I make the control point smaller or larger? Thank you.”

Most Recent Email:
Re: ticket #250121
I filed this ticket re: problems with control points in early January, and answered all the followup questions, supplied other info, and uninstalled/reinstalled as you requested.
Since then, I have emailed you twice for updates/a resolution–most recently last week-- but have heard nothing back.
It’s been 5 months, the issue remains.
Please help.

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