NO Customer Support -- Been 5 months of ongoing problem

For the past 5 months, I’ve had an issue with NIK and contacted Customer Support early on-- but no help on my support ticket from them after their initial email. Thanks in advance for any help y’all can offer.

Here is my original email from early January:
“Working on a Mac laptop, OS Big Sur, and using NIK 3 with Lightroom.
I used to be able to change the size of the control points in Viveza and Silver Efex (the only ones I use) by adjusting the top slider of the editing sliders (brightness, contrast, etc.) that appear within the control point circle on the photo.
I can’t seem to do that any more-- how can I make the control point smaller or larger? Thank you.”

Customer Support responded and asked me a number of questions, to send a zip file of data, and uninstall and re-install the program, etc. which I did.

Then, they said they would forward the info to the developers and that I would hear back.

The issue continues— I’ve sent emails to let them know this and ask for help but they’ve not been answered.

Thanks for any help you can offer for dealing with Customer Support.

So the problem appears to be the resizing of control points in Viveza and SilverEfex Pro correct? Are all other programs in the Nik Collection 3 working correctly? You say you only use these two programs. Did you ever check to see if any of the other Nik programs also manifest this same problem?

When you create a control point in Silver Efex and Viveza, is the enlarging slider visible? If visible, are you unable to grab it? If you can grab it can you increase and decrease the slider’s length? Does this problem occur all the time or is it intermittent? I’m trying to understand the exact set of conditions you are seeing. In your discussions with DXO support, did they indicate to you that there was definitely a bug?

You say you used to be able to resize the control point. When did this problem begin? Was it after the installation of a new operating system version? Some other event like a new computer?

If I recall correctly, in another thread you indicated you upgraded to the Nik Collection 4. If that is correct, are you having the same problems with the new Nik 4 versions of these programs or different problems?

Sorry to make you rehash all the details, but for any of us to be able to help you we need to understand all the conditions relative to this problem.


Nik 3 Viveza 2

check the properties for the control point’s standard size

Btw, I’m on Windows – in case there is a difference to Mac.

Thank you Mark for your good questions and I appreciate your help.

I can answer some now and will have to get on Lightroom to experiment with other parts of Nik 3 so I can answer the rest.

I owned Nik 2 and then upgraded to Nik 3. I do not have Nik 4.

Yes, the problem is the resizing of control points in Viveza and SilverEfex Pro. I will have to check the other programs to see if the issue is throughout all of the Nik programs.

The enlarging slider is no longer visible-- ever.

For versions 2 + 3, all parts of the program were operational. I lost the control point sliders in Nik 3 about 6 months ago.

I have the same MacBook Pro computer-- but I do update OS when notified. I am now using Big Sur v11.3 on my MacBook Pro.

At that point, I contacted Support. I completed all the tasks they asked of me – giving specific answers to their questions, creating a zip file of data to send to them, and uninstalling and installing Nik3. They said they would send the info to the Developers who would be in touch with me. That was in early January.

Thank you.