"No Corrections" preset/Reset bug in Photolab 7?

When my RAW file opens in DxO Photolab 7, I want the No Corrections preset applied to it. However, it defaults to something else despite my having set it to No Corrections in the Settings panel (see screenshot attached).

I can go into Presets, then click No Corrections and get the outcome I want. But then, as soon as I hit Reset, it defaults to something else.

How do I get the Reset button to get me No Corrections which is what I want the file to display in the first place?

It sounds like the folder was opened in PhotoLab before you set the preset to No Corrections. Close PL, rename the folder (or delete the database if necessary), and reopen in PL.


Thank you Egregius. Can you please be more clear? Which folder should I delete?


How to fix your issue @goarajan

  1. check that defaults are set to “6 - No Correction”
  2. Close (Command-Q, not Command-W) PhotoLab
  3. Rename the folder that contains the images that can’t be reset to “No Correction”
  4. Open PhotoLab again - the images should now be “uncorrected”

Please note that PhotoLab displays built-in previews before applying its own interpretation of “No Correction”. Most RAW developer apps do this and it can make the images look different than they looked initially. This is normal.

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Will try your steps. Thanks.