No active module for Olympus E-510

I updated from PL 5 to 6 because it seemed like a big leap forward in processing RAW files. Well, I was not a little surprised to notice that RAW files captured for a long time with an Olympus E-500 camera can no longer be edited, the information being that DxO PL 6 does not support this camera model. This despite the fact that I updated the responsive modules (camera and lenses) that were installed! What is the cause?! I have a lot of photos captured with this camera model!

Just to be clear: you tried removing and reinstalling the optics modules?

Support for the E-510 is still indicated here: DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

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Hello, thank you I doubled checked, my first Olympus was E-500 and really doesent appear în module collection and is really annoying because I did hundreds of pictures with that camera. E-510 and E-520 are fine, is working :frowning:

Ah, I see you edited the original post to clarify which camera is having the problem. Olympus E-500 doesn’t seem to have ever been supported in DxO’s software.

It’s funny because even though it had a relatively short life (Olympus quickly brought out the E-510) this variant was a big step forward for the company and was a very used entry-level DSLR form many amateurs, even getting good reviews at the time weather on specialized websites. I don’t know how complicated it would be for DxO to put it on the list of available modules, I’m probably not the only one in this situation