Niksoftware Windows 10 Compatability

Is the current version of Niksoftware Windows 10 compatible?


Yep, it’s compatible with Windows 10 OS.

Svetlana G.

I downloaded the Nix Collection. Everything downloaded & installed correctly. I have an icon on my desktop that says capture NX-D I open it & it is not the Nix Collection, & anything you try to do the program crashes. I went looking in my program files for the Nix Collection & they the parts are there, I can open them but my pictures are not there to select or is there are no options to select a file to open. When I did manage to open a picture, do some editing , I saved my edits & it closed the program without giving me any options for saving i.e., save as, so I didn’t loose my original, which I did in this case. How does this work? Help!!

Hope Nik gets resized when released again - my specs are not strong enough to read on my high resolution screen.

Take a look at

Good morning @trogos

Let me explain:
1 - Nik collection does not have an icon on a Desktop (capture NX-D is not this program).
2 - So to run a really Nik collection plugins you can open them through a Lightroom (right click on the image and select any plugin from the context menu for example) or Photoshop (here you’ll have a Selective tool with all the plugins).
3 - If you have DxO PhotoLab you can send an image from PhotoLab to Nik plugins with “Export to application” option.
4 - And finally, you can run the plugin manually like a standalone program from c:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection.

And yes, it would be useful to read the page @Pieloe suggested to you.

Svetlana G.

Capture NX-D is Nikon’s raw image processing software. You must have downloaded it or installed it from a disk at some point. It has absolutely nothing to do with the NIK Collection.