Niks collection crashing

When using Niks collection 3 with Affinity photo and photoshop elements, the program crashes when making adjustments and returns to windows 10 desk top screen.
Regards Len

Dear Lenm,

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What you can try first is to ensure that the latest updates by windows and/or the programs are installed.
Afterwards if the problem occurs you can make what is called half split research.
Open only NIK3 and Affinity Photo…work with and wait if the error occurs
if not close all programs, restart windows and then
Open only NIK3 and PSE…work with and wait if the error occurs

Maybe this gives you an idea what is faulty.

Hi Guenterm,

Thank you for your reply. I have checked windows is up to date. I have used both Affinity photo and Elements and both programs appear to crash when using both the sharpening programs in NIK3. I have used NIK3 as a stand alone in both sharpening programs and it does not appear to crash.

I have exactly the same problem with Affinity Photo (AP) and Nik Collection.
Each software is up to date (windows, AP, Nik…). AP works fine on its own (retail and beta), i can launche the nik collection in stand alone, but calling nik collection in AP causes crash.
I try to desinstall and re install, clean all folders and registry entries, it still crashes.
It seems to appear since the update of my Radeon GC driver (20.12.1 for RX 570).

I tried to join the log file, but i can’t cause i’m a new member

Dear @Lenm,
I have also Win 10 64bit 20H2 Build 19042 746 and AP and NIK 3 an no problems.
Maybe you can tell step by step what you are doing until it crashes, then I would repeat the steps to have a look.
Or you create a ticket for DXO with the logfiles you can find under C:\Users<Username>\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 4 logs

best regards